How to Determine Business Values and Why It’s Important

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How to Determine Business Values and Why It’s Important

Understanding the values and what you stand for can help you to build a business that feels good to you. Building a business based on your values and what truly matters to you will allow you to have a business that is not only meaningful to you but also profitable. Because on the tough days, your business values will still stand and help you to do the work even if you don’t feel like it. In other words your business will stand the test of time.

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I also love to use my values as a filter for the activities and the things I end up doing in my business. If a project or business idea is not in line with your values you can simply move onto something that is a better fit. It makes saying no to projects and things that are not in alignment with what you stand for so much easier.

How to Identify your business values 

Here are a few questions that you can journal about to help you identify your values.

  • What are 3 things that you are most proud of in your life?
  • Describe a moment where you felt really happy and fulfilled. What was going on? Who was with you? What did the moment look like?
  • What are 3 times you are not proud of, rubbed you the wrong way or made you feel like things needed to change?
  • Describe a moment that you felt angry or dissatisfied. What was going on?
  • What do you stand for no matter what?
  • Do you see any commonalities or trends in your answers?

Now you can find commonalities among the things you stand for and believe in. These are your values. You will want to use these values as a filter for everything you do in your life and business.

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Here is an example:

  • I am proud of myself for helping others.
  • Every job I have had has been about service to others.
  • When I was in corporate I was frustrated when others would not do the best they could to help others, when things were done in a poor way that hurt others and when things were intentionally done to hurt others.
  • A common thread among all of these is service and doing the right thing.
  • Filter: At one point I was in a product based business, obviously that is not passing the values filter and explains why I struggled to feel fulfilled in that business.

Building a business based on your values can help you to stick it out when the going gets tough. This is one of the foundational pieces of a profitable business. To learn about 4 more filters that helped me to build my profitable online business join us for the Business Foundations Challenge by going here.


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