Can You Be A Freelance Writer?

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Can You Be A Freelance Writer?

Hi! Thank you for letting me come join in your space and share a little about freelance writing and how it is helped me in my search for work from home.

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I am just an average mom.  My kids are grown now, but I began freelance writing when my youngest was a teenager.  I realize many of you probably have little ones, but I know this career can most certainly work no matter what age your children are.

So What is Freelance Writing?

There are different types of freelance writing you can do, but they all have a few things in common.  You work for clients or for agencies.  You generally begin by writing to assignment on topics others give you with specifications as far as how many words and what type of format to write in.

Blog writing is a very popular type of freelance writing.  You can certainly write your own blog and you can earn money from that as well.  Typically, you need to build up an audience, which takes a bit of time, but it most certainly can be done. With the popularity of sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, the avenues to market your blog and gain attention are wide open.  You start sharing on your social media site with true interaction and post a link to your blog, and you are off and running!

Other people write for businesses.  This can include sales pages- those ultra-long pages that go on and on (and ON) about how fabulous a product is and why you should buy it!  You’ve seen ‘em! Some are great- but others show quickly why there is such a need for good writers out there.

Some people write grants for non-profit agencies.  This is a very specific type of writing and if you have experience in the non-profit world or grant writing, you can easily make a great income with this niche.

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What’s A Niche?

Your niche (some people say neesh, others say nitch) is simply your specialized area.  Do you NEED a niche?  No, you can be a generalist and write about a variety of things.  You will, however, make more money and draw more clients if you choose a niche.  What’s your hobby?  Your favorite classes in school?  Do you have any special training in your education or work history?  Is there something you want to learn about?  Any of these can be a perfect niche.

How Do I Start?

There are different ways to find work as a freelancer.  There are job boards out there where people post a need and you apply and submit a bid. is a popular one.  You can also go through and post what you can offer.  If you are just starting out, blog posts might be the easiest in.  Find a topic you know- or research it on Google.  Write 500 to 700 words (about a page to a page and a half.)  Use proper grammar and good punctuation. and are two free sites you can plug your content into and they will analyze and help you fix it up so it sounds great.

how to write as a freelance writer

Don’t get caught up thinking you need to write like an essay in school.  No citing sources (just copy and paste the link if you use a particular source) no fancy bibliography needed.  No big fancy words.  Just write like you talk.

Keep your paragraphs short and sweet. Internet readers like lots of white space. It makes things flow easily.

There are some great blogs and Facebook groups out there that can help you learn to how be a freelance writer. If you are interested in this possibility as a career, feel free to subscribe to my blog and you will receive posts when I publish that will help you learn more about freelance writing.

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