How much time does it take to start a Facebook Group?

How much time does it take to start a Facebook Group?

I have been frequently asked about how I started my Facebook book group, and how it really has helped me in my business to really create the community and start to reach out and to make deeper connections with people.

If you thinking about starting a group and you’re not sure, This video will guide you.

Here are some of the questions I answered:

  • What are things that I’ve done when I was still starting my group?
  • How many times a day do I post in the group?
  • Where the posts automated or not?
  • The type of Content I have created for my Facebook group:
    • Content based on inspirations
    • by using my Content Strategy
  • How about the time spent looking for spammers?
  • When to consider a post to be a spam post?
  • How many times I scroll my group to check for spammers?
  • How I prevented any spammy posts to show up in the feed?
  • Why Facebook stopped me for tagging group members?
  • How I grew up my group from Zero to Thousand members?
  • Does having a ton of people in your group, always mean you have a ton of sales going on your business?
  • How I started with posting one to three times a day?
  • How I scrolled the group about four to five times a day  just to make sure there’s no spammy posts?
  • Can befriending everyone who join your group can help your group and your business grow?
  • How do I decipher the fake accounts that want to be part of my group:
    • By looking at their Cover Photo or Profile Picture
    • By looking the information in their Bio/About Page
  • Can a Landing Page help you with promoting your group?
  • Does engagement really important In a FaceBook group?

Resources Mentioned:

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