Failure Is Not An Option, Its Essential


For the past 4 weeks, I have been doing a series about the lessons that I learned since I started in online business in January 2015 as a tribute to the podcast launching. This week we are talking about Failure.

There will be failures, the more the better.  [You read that right]

Because through failure, you get an incredible opportunity.

The opportunity to problem solve.

To tweak.

To see where there was a breakdown.


And ultimately to grow.

The obstacles are the WAY to success.

To the next level.

To where you want to be.

So dust yourself off and get back into it with a fresh perspective.

Instead of playing the victim.

Look at it as an opportunity to make things right.

To chart your own path.

This is where the support, the mindset and the reflection of my success gamelan come in.


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