How to avoid Information Overload

Information Overload

This is the topic that I feel really passionate about because we are living in a digital age. It’s so tempting to be great at all of the things, specially as a mom and as an entrepreneur. You probably want everything to be perfect. But here’s the secret: People are not mastering *all the things* all of the time…Here is how you CAN master the things that are most important to you <3

In this video, I talked about how will you avoid Information Overload.


Here are the things I mentioned:

  • Why the key to avoid Information Overload, is to turn to mastery?
  • How to start focusing on mastery instead of trying to do all the things
  • How to avoid¬†Information Overload by seeking out information.
  • How to do the mastery versus Information overload?
  • As a Business Coach, what resources do I seek out for information?
  • How do you get my clients to commit to pay for my services? Here I talked about the Offers and the Benefits.
  • How I over come my fear of getting visible online.

I also introduce “The Wealthy Spirit”. The book that can help you with feeling overwhelmed about money, and the mindset around money. Three rules for making money:

  1. Do what makes money now.
  2. Do what what makes money soon.
  3. Do what makes money later.

Resources Mentioned:

Entrepreneurial Moms Group

The Success Gameplan

Business By Design By James Wedmore

Mind Your Business Podcast

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