Are you missing this key to business success?


For the past three weeks, I have written about the lessons that I have learned as I grew my business. Today we are talking about a key to business success that people do not talk enough about…but if its missing in your business, your business will not succeed.

This series is in honor of the launching of the podcast “The Mom Entrepreneur Success Podcast” where we talk about the lessons that moms have learned on their journey to success to help you take your business to the next level.

The first lesson was about embracing the uncomfortable feelings. Lesson two was about setting realistic expectations while continuing to dream big. The third lesson was about taking action to get exceptional results and today we are talking about a key to business success that people do not talk enough about…Consistency.

When I started my first online business, as a health coach, I was posting randomly on my own FB page 3x/day. I posted a lot of motivational posts and posts that did not speak to my ideal clients…which lead to hearing crickets a lot.

When my daughter was born at only 28 weeks premature and I was no longer able to return to work I knew things had to change.

I was able to cover my expenses but I was mostly selling to a warm market (mostly family and friends) on Facebook.

I was in a network marketing company and was teaching my team how to grow their downline which included leadership coaching, sales, and social media….but I did not get compensated well for this.

When my daughter was born I felt like things had to change.

I wanted to focus mainly on the business coaching aspect because I felt a strong calling to help moms to be financially independent.

And I no longer wanted to just market to a warm market…I wanted to reach hundreds and thousands of moms…which meant stepping up my marketing efforts in a big way.

So, before I launched my current business I decided that in order for me to make it work I would have to be consistent AND post content that spoke to my ideal clients in a real way!

After all Amy Porterfield would not flake out on her Social Media or Podcast.

This time was different than before because:

1) I was determined to make this business work

2) I now had 2 kids under 2 (one with special needs) and had very little time

3) I needed the money so that I could continue to stay home with my sick daughter after my FMLA ran out.

So I went all in on my social media strategy.

I planned all my content and stuck with it.

At first, I felt like my content got NO traction and that I was wasting my time.

I had not even officially launched my current business.

I was still doing health coaching and found some other ways to monetize besides the network marketing company which was great to start dipping my toes into other sources of income.

But stepping into the online space that felt like a flood of people.

I kept in mind the mission I was determined to carry out… 

So even though I felt like it was not working….I kept going and trusted in my system.

I went an entire week posting consistently because I finally had a system, the drive and the determination.

I went another week and started to get 1-2 likes (yep that’s it! But it was evidence that it was working).


I persisted for a whole month…

Still, 1-2 likes per post but I had someone invite me to be a guest expert in their group and I had people reaching out to me thanking me for my help.

I continued to stay persistent and refine the content and value I was providing.

2 Months later…

I got asked to be on a podcast, do guest blog posts and started getting discovery calls.

3 Months later…

I officially launched my new business and Booked my first 2 clients.

4 Months later…

First 5K month.

7 Months later…

Sold out my group coaching program…

10 months later..

First 5-figure month and completely sold out my practice.

So my point is…

THAT is the power of planning, having a system and committing to it.

It’s what will help you to stay consistent.

And consistency is what will bring you business.

This was the big mistake that I made in my first business and I see so many moms making.

They don’t stay consistent with their posting schedule because they are carrying around 3 notebooks full of ideas, have parts of post ideas in 3 places on their computer and do not have a strategy for how they will help their potential clients see them as the expert.

They don’t stay consistent with their messaging because they are not following a plan or post haphazardly.

Staying consistent is the key to business success.

Consistently creating content that speaks to your ideal clients is what will help you to be KNOWN for something.

It’s what will help others to see what you do and how you can help them.

But It’s not only about planning the content, it’s also about actually staying consistent with creating and posting it as well….ERR DAY.

That’s where the system starts to really work for you.

For me with 2 kids 2 and under there was no other way but to figure out systems otherwise, I literally COULD not do what I am doing.

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