Charging Your Worth vs. Knowing Your Worth


Charging Your Worth vs. Knowing Your Worth

There is something that is really troubling to me in online business. I see people who talk about “Charging your worth” and focusing on raising your prices to what you are “worth”.

Although I do feel that you CAN and should raise your prices when appropriate, I do not believe that your worth is defined by how much you charge.

We are all worthy just the same. Who is to say that someone is more or less worthy of charging a certain price?

Knowing your value is about knowing what makes you amazing JUST THE WAY YOU ARE.

As mom entrepreneurs we play a lot of roles:

  • Mom
  • Entrepreneur
  • Boss (if we have staff)
  • Wife
  • Daughter
  • And others…

These roles do not define us either.

Any accomplishments that you achieve in life do not make you “worthy”.

You were always worthy.

know your worth

The accomplishments do not make you the beautiful human being that you are.

These are just layers.

I feel like we get into trouble as moms or as entrepreneurs when we let our external circumstances define our value.

Who are YOU really?

What makes YOU unique?

What makes YOU a beautiful person…at the soul level?

These are the deep questions that we must get clarity on so that we can start to see that our achievements, our accomplishments, and our outer world is not what makes us a-ma-zing…

You were always amazing.

knowing your worth

And the problem with attaching your “worth” and value to these external things is…

If all of that went away then what?

What would you have?

You would still be you.

Love yourself.

Nurture Yourself.

And BE YOU 100% of the time, unapologetically.

Your worth is not defined by your bank account, what you charge per hour or the 20 hats you wear on a given day.

Your value is defined by how much you truly love yourself and your willingness to sit with who you are at your core.

Knowing Your Worth self-care quote

I believe that this is why self-care is so important as business owners and moms.

Self-care is a chance to re-connect with who we truly are. It’s not about having the “perfect” diet every day and getting the 30 minutes of exercise or being hard on ourselves because we have not met our super high standards for ourselves.

Self-care is about falling in love with who we are as humans so that we can show up as the best version of us that we can be in all of the roles that we play. So that we can KNOW our worth without having to rely on the external stuff to define it for us.

I would love to hear from you. Comment below and share with me one thing you LOVE about yourself.


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