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Struggling to Captivate An Audience AND Generate Sales From Your Marketing Efforts?



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Perhaps you...

Heard "start a blog", you did...and still, hear crickets.

Heard "start a Facebook Group"...you did and are struggling to fill it (let alone generate sales).

Heard "create a course"...you did and you are feeling overwhelmed at all of the things you think you need to do to grow your business and generate INCOME.

You aren’t sure how to connect with your audience (or even grow one!) and what you really need is for the time you spend marketing your business to actually turn into sales.


The problem most business owners have is not a lack of action....


You do the work and put in the effort. 

The problem I see over and over with new business owners is that their messaging is off.

They are not using the right words to captivate and attract their ideal clients and THAT is why they are struggling to get seen by potential customers.

So let's CHANGE that!


I am Mariana and I am a business coach that helps mom entrepreneurs build profitable businesses that allow them to spend as much or as little time with their kids as they want to, while making an impact. 

I will be hosting a 5 day mini - course to help you Master Your Message in just 10 minutes a day starting Monday, February 26th. 



Founder of The Mom Entrepreneur Success Academy ™

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  • How to create a captivating message that attracts clients to you so you can stop chasing after people and finally start having people come to you asking how they can work with you
  • How to describe what you do so that it is easy to understand for your potential clients and they know exactly what it is that you sell so that they want to buy from you.  
  • The most important factor when creating your messaging that if skipped can cause your offers to fall flat and cost your business serious cash every month
  • How to connect with your potential customers so that they are on the edge of their seats ready to buy from you. 

Monday, February 27- Friday, March 3

You will receive daily prompts for to help you Master Your Message so you can captivate your audience and become a client magnet.

What is possible for you...

My client Elizabeth used messaging and she generated 6 discovery calls from a single Facebook post!

Ready to captivate your audience?

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Registration for the training is Free for a limited time and we begin on February 27th, 2017! 

Elizabeth Salazar

Founder of Get Visible Marketing

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