5 Pinterest Marketing Growth Hacks For Every Business

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5 Pinterest Marketing Growth Hacks For Every Business

Whether you’re marketing a product or service, Pinterest marketing has some exciting features you can take advantage of to grow!

While Facebook and Twitter can facilitate business growth, Pinterest marketing has significant features that make growth through social media a big possibility. Relying entirely on visual cues, Pinterest marketing allows individuals and businesses to ‘pin’ articles or products and allow consumers to find it based on searches.

1. Make Sure Your Profile is Complete

The first rule of thumb Pinterest marketing is to make sure your business profile is both verified and complete. When your business first joins Pinterest, you will need to install a code on your website to complete verification. From then, you can fill out all of the information and pictures needed to complete your profile.



You can also add the “Pin It” button to your website or blog. This will allow anyone that interacts with your website to share your content with their own Pinterest followers. One influential pin could make your content soar.

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2. Pinterest Marketing SEO Matters

Most marketers know the important of SEO for their search engine rankings, but Pinterest marketing SEO can be just as important for growth with the site.

SEO-friendly pins and profiles will make finding your content easier for end-users. When you pin something, make sure you are considering how people will find it and tailor your descriptions and keywords around that.




3. Make it Visual

Pinterest’s success has come from it’s commitment to visuals. While keywords and descriptions can help people find your content, the visual cover photo is what will drive people to click and interact. Utilizing photo creation tools like Canva can give your blog or product visuals a boost and give people a reason to click on your content. Consider your target audience when creating these images to increase your Pinterest conversion rates.


4. Don’t Be Selfish

Although Pinterest marketing is great for businesses, it’s still a social media site. You have to be social to find success. Interact with your followers, and make sure you’re repinning content from other sources. While it’s important to self-promote, you ideally want to be a leader in the industry you serve.

Build relationships with influencers in the space and repin their content. You never know if they’ll return the favor!




5. Contests Can Convert

Pinterest’s audience is mostly women, and they like to win products or services online and review them. Running a content for your brand and blog can guarantee new followers, and there is a huge opportunity for your pin to go viral and reach a new audience.

Pinterest marketing is continuing to grow and the site is focusing on new content and opportunities for businesses and marketers. If you’re looking to grow your brand, Pinterest can be an important social platform to resonate with potential customers and grow. With an easy setup, there’s no reason not to get started now.

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