S1E0 From Nurse and Preemie Mom to Running a Successful Business with Mariana C. Ruiz


In this episode, I asked my client and friend Elizabeth Salazar with Get Visible Marketing  to interview me and show you how I got to where I am and why I decided to start the podcast.

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Here is a little bit about what we talked about:

  • What my success secrets were
  • Building relationships and building your business one person at a time
  • How I go about prioritizing and ignoring the things that are not important
  • 1:1 relationship building was important in the beginning


  • My big failure in business and the lesson that it taught me
  • Reaching out 1:1 to people in my small facebook group led me from 0 first few paying clients
  • How creating content and leading with value has helped me in my business
  • Resources Mentioned: Content Challenge- Your system for making content creation easy and effortless http://marianacruiz.com/content
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