S1E11 How to spread the word about what you do


In this episode, I share with you how to spread the word about what you do through creating high-quality content. Go back and listen to this episode on how to figure out if your idea will make money.

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Here is what I dig into:

  • How to create content that captivates the attention of your ideal clients.
  • How to grow your following.
  • How to bring value to the marketplace (and a big lesson that I learned in the process).
  • How to start to be more strategic about content creation.
  • What questions to ask yourself about your content to make sure that it stands out.
  • How to attract the right people.
  • How to construct your business and your message.


Resources Mentioned:

  1. Go back and listen to episode 8 about how to know if your business will make money.
  2. Start the content challenge by going to http://marianacruiz.com/content
  3. The blog post that I mentioned is here.
  4. Join the Entrepreneurial Moms Group


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