S1E12 Embrace Your Mojo with Laurie Joy

Embrace Your Mojo WIth Laurie Joy

Today, I have Laurie Joy with me. She is the Mojo Mama who helps moms to turn their shit show into their mojo.

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Our fun conversation consists of:

  • The interesting story of how she got started and how her unique, famous tagline changed her business
  • Laurie Joy’s comparison of the education and entrepreneurial world
  • How being a mom has impacted her business and how she wants her son to embrace the values that she wants to instill in him
  • What success means to her: time freedom and giving back
  • Her insights on how she sees learning and education for today youth
  • Sharing her secret on staying on top of her game
  • The important lesson she has learned from a recent struggle she had faced

Embrace Your Mojo Quote by Laurie Joy

Resources mentioned:

  1. The Legal Lowdown On How to Protect Your Business Guest Post by Sarah Kornblet
  2. The Mojo Mama Facebook Page
    @the_mojo_mama on Instagram

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Embrace Your Mojo With Laurie Joy

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