S1E13 How Robin Smith Used Instagram to Grow Her Business

S1E13 How Robin Smith Used Instagram to Grow Her Business

Today, I have my friend, Robin Smith, who is an Instagram expert and does really amazing stuff for social media; plus, she has a really inspiring story.

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Here are some interesting bits of our conversation:

  • What she does, her backstory, and how she has been able to create success in her life
  • How she started branding herself
  • Her day-to-day routine as a mom and how motherhood has impacted her business
  • Success in Robin’s point of view and how she can relate it to her present life
  • What she wished she knew sooner on her journey to success
  • What keeps her on her toes to stay on top of her game
  • The biggest struggle she overcame and what motivation she used
  • Robin’s piece of advice: find a good team to work with, people who understand

 Robin Smith - how to use instagram to grow your business

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Using instagram to grow business by Robin Smith

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