S1E14 How to Reach Your Goals Every Time And Enjoy Every Minute Of It


In this episode, I talk about how to plan your 2017 goals in a way that allows you to enjoy the journey.

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  • How to set goals that actually get you up and excited to go after them all year long
  • How to avoid comparing¬†yourself to others
  • The #truth about where I am with my 2017 goals (Scary moment of truth for me)
  • And how sometimes our goals are not always a reflection of what we actually want
  • The mistake many people make when setting goals and planning for the new year and how you can avoid it

Resources Mentioned:

S1E13 How Robin Smith Used Instagram To Grow Her Business– In this episode Robin Smith talked about how she got over her fear of video and I mention that in the podcast.

Content Challenge: Plan and repurpose at least 3 months of content with me…for free in the Content Challenge.

Success Gameplan: In this episode I talk about the game plan that I use to achieve success in my life and business and share with you how you too can use this gameplan to achieve the level of success you desire.


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