S2E01 Comparisonitis: The Fatal Mistake In Your Business And How to Combat It

S2E01 Comparisonitis The Fatal Mistake In Your Business And How to Combat It

On our first episode of the second season, I talk about something I see a lot of people are struggling with: comparisonitis.

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Digging into comparisonitis, here’s an overview of what you are going to listen to in this episode:

      • What is comparisonitis?
      • Why is comparisonitis fatal in your business?
      • Creating a journal of your experiences: self-values you can bring to the table
      • Tips for overcoming comparisonitis:
        1. Focus on your why and have that why be bigger than you
        2. Completely remove the people that can trigger you and heal the reason that they’re triggering you
        3. Keep yourself busy
        4. Realize that the grass is not always greener on the other side
        5. Do your mindset practice

S2E01 Fatal Mistake In Your Business

Resources mentioned:

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Fatal Mistake In Your Business

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