S2E09 Time Management Secrets For Success With Stacy Moscotti

S2E09 Time Management Secrets For Success With Stacy Moscotti

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Stacy Moscotti is a Philly-based entrepreneur who teaches single moms how to be victorious badasses and reach extraordinary levels of passion, success, and happiness in all areas of their lives. She recently launched her first online school called “Live Life Bravely With Stacy Moscotti.” Log on to stacymoscotti.com to discover more.

In this episode, Stacy Moscotti and I talk about:

• What she does and how she got started in entrepreneurship
• What she wished she knew when she was still struggling
• How being a mom has impacted her business and vice versa
• What success means to her
• Stacy’s tips for moms: how to work on their schedule

How to connect with Stacy Moscotti:
• Facebook.com/stacymoscottipage/
• Pinterest.com/stacymoscotti
• Twitter.com/stacymoscotti
• Youtube.com/stacymoscotti
• Linkedin.com/in/stacymoscotti

Resources mentioned:
• Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
• The Landmark Forum (landmarkworldwide.com/the-landmark-forum)

Stacy Moscotti S2E09

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S2E09 Time Management Secrets For Success

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