S2E10 How to Manage Money in Your Business

S2E10 How to Manage Money in Your Business

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In this episode, I talk about an important topic: how to manage money in your business.

Here’s what you will learn:

• Four main tips on managing money in your business
1. Separate personal finances from business finances
2. Make sure you’re paying yourself
3. Start saving for taxes
4. Remember: money is just a number
• How to legally set up your business
• How much you should spend on different areas of your business
• How to change your relationship with money

Resources mentioned:

Parent Entrepreneur Power Podcast Legal Set Up of Your Business 
Money Mindset Help (my biz bestie) Keri Gavin
S1E1 You Have The Power To Create Success with Mary Kathryn Johnson
Entrepreneurial Moms Community

managing money in your business

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