S2E12 Season Recap | What’s Coming Next Season

S2E12 Season Recap

In this episode, I talk about this season’s highlights and takeaways as we put it to a close.

Here is what we covered:
• A recap and highlight of this season’s previous episodes
• A throwback on the first season and what results that season can bring to you
• What to expect in season 3

Resources mentioned:
S1E4 Generating Passive Income with Laura Brandenburg
Master Your Message In 10 Minutes A Day

Season 2 Episodes 1-11

01 Comparisonitis: The Fatal Mistake In Your Business And How to Combat It
02 Designing Your Life Around Your Priorities with Jessica Ely
03 6-Figure Sales Secrets with Gretchen Mall
04 Manifesting Clients
05 How Sara Speicher Created A 3 Month Paid Maternity Leave In Her Business
06 Learning To Trust Yourself With Aegean Thompson
07 2 Crucial Elements To Your Success
08 How To Live An Unconventional Life With Jennifer Manyard
09 Time Management Secrets For Success With Stacy Moscotti
10 How to Manage Money in Your Business
11 Collaboration Instead of Competition with Kathleen Kobel

S2E12 Season Recap Q3

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