How to start an online coaching business

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How to start an online coaching business + mindset toolbox

In the Entrepreneurial Moms Group I was asked by one of the members how to start an online coaching business and so I decided to share the Facebook Live video with you here.

In the beginning of the video I talk about mindset and about how mindset really is the start of your coaching business. Without the right mindset it makes it pretty much impossible to start or persist enough to have a successful in your business. In the second half of the video I answer a question how to start an online coaching business.

I go in more depth in the video. Click play to get the details.

Find the right spot for you

Start- 3:40 Minset

3:40-End How to start an online coaching business


Here is a breakdown of the steps:

Step #1: Mindset-Get over the fear and decide you want to do this

Step #2: Identify what your passions and skills are

Step #3: Research what is already out there in your area of focus

Step #4: Interview some real life people

Step #5: Decide your positioning

Step #6: Talk to real life people and show them how you can help them

Starting an online coaching business does not have to be difficult. I broke it down for you into some actionable steps in the video. For additional info on how to set a strong foundation so that you can reach the level of success and profit that you desire through your coaching business join the “Business Foundation’s Challenge“.

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