Calling All Mom Entrepreneurs!

Imagine designing a life that gives you the freedom to see your kids as much or as little as YOU would like to, while allowing you to make an impact.

It doesn’t have to be a dream, and it isn’t impossible. You are capable of building a profitable online business aligned with your aspirations…and you don’t have to sacrafice time with your children or helping others.

This is for you if you:

  • Are a high-achieving mom, ready to make her mark on the world,
  • Love being a mom, but recognize your dreams extend beyond motherhood,
  • Want to lead by example, showing your children they’re capable of anything,
  • Can’t wait to create a business that gives you time for your family and your larger-than-life goals.

You deserve a business as dynamic as your ideas.

Are you ready to make your business your full-time gig and make an impact without compromising time with your kiddos? Or does the prospect of building a business as ambitious as your dreams seem overwhelming?

If so, you’re not alone — and you’re also in luck. I wholeheartedly believe you deserve a business you’re excited about, not stressed out over. You need the support, guidance, and strategy that will help you fall in love with your business and your life.

That’s where I come in.

I work with Entrepreneurial Moms.

As a mom of two who has been there, I want to be your partner in crime. I’ve always known I was meant to make a difference, and when my kids were born I didn’t want to choose between time with them and time pursuing my dreams.
It was one of the most frustrating times in my life. I felt disempowered by my day job, wanted more time with my son and daughter, and knew there had to be a better way. Eventually, it became too much to bear. So I started my own business.
I built a business designed around my dreams. It allowed me the freedom to be with my family and fulfill my desire to make a difference. I’ve never looked back. Now I want to help you do the same.

My goal is to see your goals come to life. I want you to:

  • Turn leads into clients through a strategy that gets you seen,
  • Put technology woes behind you and streamline your business so it works for you, instead of the other way around,
  • Say goodbye to confusing information peddled by “experts”,
  • Get visible on social media, engage with an energized audience, and grow your following,
  • Attract clients without relying on sleazy sales tactics,
  • Never again worry about PTO, taking time off work for vacation, or having enough money.

Together, we’ll put a strategic marketing plan in place, beat tech overwhelm once and for all, and secure your first paying clients.

From there? The sky’s the limit. I’ll work with you to free you from your 9-5 for good and build a business in line with your desire to make a lasting impact.

When we work together, you’ll get:

  • The support, knowledge, and guidance you need to build a successful, profitable business,
  • Access to all of the nerdy knowledge, tools, and expertise I’ve amassed from two bachelor’s degrees and experience running multiple businesses (both on and offline),
  • Actionable guidance and implementable strategies, along with the accountability you need,
  • Tech support, so you don’t waste hours trying to figure out how to integrate a sales page,
  • Tips to maximize your time so you still make money, even while juggling work, kids, and your business (just like I do),
  • A marketing strategy designed to attract clients to you, instead of you running after them,
  • Innovative solutions to your specific problems, drawing on my experience as a problem-solver and strategist,
  • 110% dedication from me, every step of the way, making sure you book clients and turn a profit.

By the time we’re done, you’ll have a profitable online business, allowing you to work from home, on your own terms.

Become a Client Magnet

90-Minute Intensive

If you’re struggling to attract your ideal client, feel as though you’re chasing down work, and grimace every time you pitch, this is the package for you.

During a 90-minute, high-impact session we’ll hone in on your ideal client and develop a marketing plan that will have them knocking down your door. You’ll come away from our session with the strategy you need to move forward in your business and promote with confidence.

During this 90-minute intensive you’ll receive:

  • Clarity on who your ideal client is, where they are hanging out and how to attract them to you,
  • Strategies to attract your ideal clients, so they come to you for your services,
  • Techniques to maximize your social media accounts, including bios, and links to landing pages, so your clients can actually find you.
  • Actionable tools to start building a relationship with potential customers, upping your know, like and trust factor and leading to increased sales.

This intensive is for you if you’re ready to leave behind the stress of hunting for your ideal clients. At the end of our three hours together you’ll know where they spend time, how to attract them, and the best ways to engage with them.

Investment: $875


*If you sign up for the 90-minute intensive and decide the 6-month coaching is right for you within 24 hours of our call, your payment for the intensive will be credited as a down payment towards your 6-month coaching program.

 Freedom Coaching Program

6-Month Business Coaching

Are you serious about making your business your full-time gig, and ready to implement a strategy that gets real results? Then it’s time to be 110% supported in your business so you know exactly what to do and how to avoid making mistakes.

In just six months you will have a business that is consistently generating new leads, making an impact online and bringing in cash — all from the comfort of your home so that you have the freedom to choose how much or how little time you spend with your kids.

During our work together you can look forward to consistent support and guidance as we build your business. In addition, you’ll:

  • Know exactly who your ideal client is, what they want, where they struggle, and how to attract them to you,
  • Identify the daily activities that will grow your business (and ditch the ones that are costing you time, energy, and growth),
  • Become visible on the overwhelming, loud online space so your potential clients can easily find you and engage with you,
  • Build relationships so your ideal client feels comfortable buying from you (with none of the sleazy sales tactics — yuck!),
  • Implement a complete marketing strategy that works for you and your family, targets your ideal clients, and brings in business,
  • Structure your services to they attract clients who want to work with you and value your offers,
  • Set up a lead generation system so you never run out of potential clients,
  • Develop and implement systems within your business so you save time and energy,
  • Design your packages and services, pricing them in a way that leaves you confident with your offerings,
  • Easily overcome any tech issues you run into (something most coaches aren’t able to offer!).

By the time we’re done working together you’ll have a profitable business you feel good about — one that allows you the freedom to work from home and the time to spend with your family.

What 6 months with me looks like:

  • 24 x 45-minute sessions (one session per week for 6 months),
  • Personalized Trello board that will hold you accountable, get you results, and propel your business forward,
  • Unlimited e-mail support to ensure every question you have is answered,
  • Exclusive material tailored to your specific needs,
  • Motivation and accountability plans to help you succeed (even after our work together is finished).


  • Goal-setting workshop,
  • “How to craft the perfect email subject line” template guide
  • Membership into Consistently Visible Solution and The Mom Entrepreneur Success Academy (Group Coaching Program)

If you’re ready to stop spinning your wheels and start moving forward and making real progress with your business, the six-month coaching package is for you. I love and excel at this, and I know there’s nothing more valuable than creating a lifestyle that gives you time with your family.

Investment: $6,997
or 6 payments of $1297


Schedule a discovery call.