5 ways to reduce stress, edition of working age

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The inevitable consequence of work is stress and it can increase as the deadline approaches. project time When you meet a co-worker or a bad boss until it has an overwhelming impact on our lives It makes us feel unhappy in life. Here are 5 things to do if you’re feeling this way.

5 ways to reduce stress, edition of working age

  1. Notice how stress affects us.

Let’s start by looking at how much stress affects us. Because it’s a good starting point. make us know what happened to us How to solve the problem The stress affects us for example. ยููฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.com/

  • I feel bored and have no energy to do anything.
  • have a headache
  • have sleep problems 
  • appetite changes eat more/less
  • low self-esteem, low self-esteem
  1. Write down what causes stress.

Write down what causes stress. Whether it’s a person, place, event to identify the cause. Try to write down for a week. When writing, ask yourself if 

  • How does this make you feel? 
  • How do we respond to that situation? (Walking away? emotionally?)
  • How do we fix it? 
  1. Don’t bring work home

Some people may be able to bring work back to do at home. but wants us to create a balance between work and personal life Set clear boundaries between work and home life. Don’t put them together problems and tasks don’t take it home 

  1. go on vacation

There’s nothing better than disconnecting from work for a while by traveling. Make time for yourself No need to go abroad upcountry Find a good place to travel near us and go to rest for a bit 

  1. ask for advice

when stressed Don’t keep it, vent, tell it to people around you, whether friends, family, girlfriends, bosses, colleagues. Being able to vent out greatly reduces stres. or mental health professionals , such as the mental health hotline, volunteer to listen 

Work stress can come and go. But don’t forget to take care of yourself so that stress doesn’t overwhelm your life and makes you unhappy.