How to manage recovery Office Syndrome easily by yourself

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How to manage recovery Office Syndrome easily by yourself.

Office Syndrome is consider a popular disease among working people. It can said that it is caused by sitting in front of a computer for too long, causing aches and pains in the neck, shoulders, and arms today. So we have How to manage recovery Office Syndrome easily by yourself.

Office Syndrome is a group of muscle and fascial pain syndromes (Myofascial Pain Syndrome) caused by using the same muscles over and over for a long time, resulting in Symptoms of muscle inflammation and aches and pains in various organs, especially in the neck, back, shoulders, arms or wrists, etc. Sitting and working in front of a computer screen for too long without moving, relaxing or changing postures. This may spread to become chronic pain, including numbness in the arms or hands. Report from ufabet

How to manage recovery Office Syndrome easily by yourself

1. Rest your eyes.

Rest your eyes and turn your head in a direction other than the computer or an area with bright light. Then slowly close your eyes and count from 1 to 10 slowly. After that, slowly open your eyes.

2. Stretch the upper arm muscles.

To stretch your upper arm muscles, stand up, stand straight, spread your legs slightly apart, twist your hands together as before, then stretch your arms up above your head. Then count 1-10 slowly, then slowly relax your arms back up and repeat again.

3. Stretch your back and side muscles.

You lift your right arm up, bend it so that your fingertips touch your left shoulder. Use your left hand to pull your right elbow and slowly tilt your body to the left. You will feel tightness on the right side, then count slowly from 1 to 10, then return the body back upright, switch to the left arm, then bend the arm to touch the right shoulder, use the right hand to pull the left elbow, then slowly tilt the body to the right. This will cause you to feel tight on the left side. Then count slowly from 1 to 10 and repeat once on each side.

4. Change your posture during the day.

The main causes that are often encountered by patients Office Syndrome is often caused by sitting in the same position for long periods of time throughout the day, causing tension in the tendons and muscles. It is recommended that you try to change your posture. Stretch to loosen your muscles and get up and walk or walk outside to get some air. Sometime during the day

5. Adjust your posture to be ergonomically correct.

Hunching or sitting on your back can cause muscle fatigue. posture adjustment Proper ergonomics, whether sitting, lying down or walking. In addition to helping cure office syndrome, it also helps reduce back pain, improves the health of the cervical discs, prevents various joint diseases, and helps oxygen in the body circulate. It’s good and also helps to enhance your personality and look good.

6. Stretch the muscles in the chest and lower back.

Sit up straight, use your hands to push your hips back and spread your shoulders apart. Bend your chest forward fully, neck straight, then count 1-10 slowly, return upright, relax, and repeat again.

7. Hand Management

By stretching your fingers straight out and then clenching them, complete 5 circles.

8. Stretch your neck muscles.

This position can help relieve neck pain and office syndrome by placing your hands behind your back and using your left hand to hold your right wrist and tilt your head. Slowly to the left, count 1 – 10, then slowly tilt your head back upright, then switch to doing the same thing on the other side.

Therefore, taking care of your own health and treating Office Syndrome symptoms early will help reduce the risk of Office Syndrome occurring. And if left untreated, it may spread to the muscles. and the nervous system in other parts of our body.