Signs of stress in the elderly

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Signs of stress in the elderly.

Although stress is a part that can happen In every stage of life. For example, children stress from school or meeting new societies. Adults are stressed from work. Even in the elderly, it has found that stress occurs. But what factors are there? Let’s see

Stress (Stress) is a symptom of stress that can happen to anyone of any gender and age. It was found that most people tend to have accumulated stress symptoms. Due to living a stressful life, in some cases there will be a lot of pressure and high expectations in life. Which, when it is not as expected, will cause symptoms of stress to accumulate without you realizing it as well, and in some cases it may be depressive disorder (Depressive disorder) or anxiety disorder (Anxiety disorders) in the future. Also

Signs of cumulative stress

If we have a lot of stress, it will cause our physical health to get progressively worse. In those who begin to wonder whether they have accumulated stress symptoms or not, they are unable to notice themselves from various behaviors that have changed. Most of them will have symptoms of stress. As follows:

– Changes in sleeping habits, such as not being able to sleep, waking up too quickly, or waking up in the middle of the night

– Changes in emotional behavior such as being quiet, not talking, bore with life, anxiety, a sad appearance and decreased sexual desire.

– Symptoms of stress that manifest physically, such as increased shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, a rapid heartbeat, and in some cases, headaches as well.

– People who have accumulated a lot of stress may become stressed to the point of wanting to die.

Therefore, children and grandchildren in the house should pay attention and always notice. That Elderly people in the home There are changes in symptoms Is it due to stress or not?

By using simple observation methods using the following 5 factors:

Sign number 1 when eating Changes, possibly by eating more food or losing appetite due to stress that occurs

Sign 2 : Mood swings up and down quickly. That are abnormal from stress, which may manifest as irritability. that has increased or has depression

Sign 3 : Forgetfulness or memory problems. Such as forgetting people’s names, forgetting places or things that have seen on a regular basis. And being easily distracted, or symptoms may severe enough to spread to Decisions such as spending money. Which is much more than the specified budget due to inability to make a decision

Sign 4 : Symptoms of stress that show up. Health problems such as body aches and pains Illness More severe symptoms include problems sleeping. Which is a warning sign. That severe stress has occurred.

Sign 5: The final sign is isolation and refusal to socialize or even disinterest in activities. that you liked before

If you feel stress or anxious and cannot control these feelings. Or have accumulated stress continuously for a long time. Until being unhappy and having symptoms. That affect daily life Physical symptoms found Emotional symptoms should consulte with a doctor immediately.