3 best baccarat formulas. The most accurate

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Baccarat is the least advantageous casino game. The chances of the outcome of the banker’s or the player’s side are pretty close 50 50, so it’s the most formulated game. There are many baccarat formula creators to beat the casinos. It depends on which formula you choose. Let it suit your own insanity. For this article, I would like to present the best 3 Baccarat formulas for me because they are easy to use and make good money. Let’s see together

Strategy 1 uses a one-sided betting formula.

Betting on one side, for example, you will only stab on the banker’s side. Or stab only the player’s side, it seems easy, right? Like nothing special But do not underestimate the one-sided baccarat betting formula. If playing guessed at the right time You can beat the casino. It was therefore gathered as One of my best baccarat formulas. because you don’t have to think much. สมัคร UFABET

One-sided bet rules

  1. Choose which side to stab at and stabbed that side all the time
  2. Stuck on the wrong side 3 times in a row, wait for a new rhythm. Do not rely on stabbing immediately. When the timing is reached, the results begin to come out on your side. Start stabbing your side again, for example, I will only stab the banker’s side and I stabbed the banker’s side 3 times in a row, all wrong, out of the player’s side. I will wait for a while for the dealer to come out again and the next turn I will stab the new dealer again.
  3. Set the desired profit Play and change tables. Let us set a goal when to stop playing. I recommend 5 more units and then stop. For example, I set that I will stop playing if I get 5 units of profit. For example, I put 100 baht per unit. I hope for 500 baht profit. I will stop. play immediately at that table Then go find a new baccarat table to play or wait for it to come up for a new round.     Do not force to continue playing at that table if you have already made a full profit. When you have achieved the profit you hoped for in that table. Change the table.
  4. The right stab 1-2 times is enough and find a new rhythm. You choose to bet on the banker’s side. Being stuck in two eyes, should stop waiting and wait to switch to the player’s side And the result comes back to the dealer again, gradually stabbing again

Strategy 2, use the Baccarat formula to bet according to the outcome

The layout of baccarat

There are many types of baccarat designs. For Thai people, there is a strange name for the recipe. It can be called a rather specific term. Let’s look at the pattern of Thai design.

  1. Ping Pong   is a baccarat room that we choose to play. I like to go out alternately, red and blue alternately .
  2. Dragon   , the baccarat room where the dragon is issued is a room that likes to go out for a long time, such as a long blue exit , sometimes it may be 10 eyes in a row.
  3. Dual type  is the result that you like to come in pairs, red, red, blue, blue , red, red …..
  4. hit and cut   is assuming that at first it comes out red, it goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on, after that it becomes blue   . They stick together until they hit , always , and then they will continue to change color.
  5. The ribs are issued cards similar to the ribs. If you look at the results of the Baccarat results, such as 4 red draws,   then 1 blue, 5 red draws ,   and 5 consecutive blue , red and blue draws, etc.

Strategy 3 Baccarat Formula Alternate

in the baccarat table It will have a baccarat, right? It is packed with a lot of shuffled cards. Out of the results It can be said that 87.5% of the entire Khon, most of them will be issued alternately between the player’s side or the banker, no more than 3 times in a row. It could be ping-pong, doubles, ribs, or whatever. that is not a long dragon, 5 eyes in a row.