Baccarat formula heart 7 things to beat the dealer

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Hello all readers In this article we will talk about Baccarat Heart Formula 7 things that we should know before starting to play To give us a chance to win the dealer, and most importantly before playing baccarat is that you don’t play to get rich from gambling. Play for fun only with the money that we can accept if you lose it. If you’re ready, let’s see. สมัคร UFABET

Heart number 1, don’t always play on the shore.

Baccarat formula heart formula. The first here, I want to say. If you study well, you will find that Baccarat is a game that has a house edge or casino edge. low So people like to play together. The dealer doesn’t have much advantage. gambling in baccarat If looking at betting on 3 sides, it turns out that the House Edge is as follows.

  • The banker has a casino advantage of only 1.06%.
  • Player (Player) Casino 1.24% advantage
  • Tie Side (Tie) Casino 14.4% advantage

the word advantage The banker side’s 1.06% casino means that if we invest 100 units (one unit could be 10 baht, assuming) we expect to lose only 1.06 units in the long run.

If you look from the top, you will find that the bank is always. The casino has a lot of advantages.  Don’t play!! Always side, the money earned, even though the profit is quite high. If you always win Might be able to return 8 times, but believe me, it’s not worth it. because we have a 14.4% disadvantage

The second heart stabs the dealer’s side the best.

The word bet on the banker’s side is the best. But not for people to go down to the banker’s side, stick together, every eye until the table is closed. That one will be lost. Banker’s landing It seems to have a slight advantage. because if calculated from the statistics Although the player’s side and the banker’s side have the same chance of happening, which is 50-50, but if you look at the numbers more closely, you will find that the banker side has a chance to exit a little higher than the player’s side.

  • Banker side, chance of exiting 50.6824 %
  • Player’s side chance to exit 49.3176%

Although the banker side has a slight advantage But if we stab the banker’s side We will have to pay a commission to the dealer 5% of the investment.

  • The banker side collects 5% of the bet.
  • The player’s side doesn’t keep it.

The third heart goes down on the banker’s side until it loses.

If you look at the baccarat card Or issuing history will find that it will be released rather towards the dealer. Betting on the banker’s side therefore has a chance. and more interesting If you start betting on the banker’s side and get profit You continue to land on the dealer’s side until you lose.

but anyway It does not have any indicators that It will always be the dealer. It has to go out to the player’s side. Don’t spend too much Bet systematically Go find a formula for walking money to be used in conjunction with betting. If you really study about casinos, you will find that It’s all going to be based on long-term stats, for example, if you land on the players. The house has an advantage of 1.06% at first, short term. you play a few eyes You may be able to beat the dealer. But in the end, if you play for a really long time, play for a long time, you will definitely be at a disadvantage at the casino.

The 4th heart, if stabbing the banker’s side and losing Do not rely on immediately.

If we suddenly bet on the banker’s side and lose, you have to wait for a new rhythm to bet. Why not stab immediately? If you look at the statistics The banker’s side has more chances to come out than the player’s side. Show that the banker’s side superior to the player side more likely If you keep stabbing on the banker’s side and it loses, then stop first because the player’s side doesn’t continue. as the dealer’s side

5th heart, don’t count, always side

This means that if you choose to bet on the banker’s side or the player’s side, then if the result is a draw, don’t count, think it never happened. because if it always results you will get your money back

Heart 6 Stabs the player’s side until it loses.

Betting on the player’s side is different from the banker’s side. Time to bet on the player’s side Keep stabbing until it loses. If lost, switch to the banker’s side immediately, in the next turn, do not have to wait for a new rhythm because of the fact that it started out on the banker’s side The banker’s side is already Therefore, we should immediately seize the opportunity by hurriedly stabbing your side.

The 7th heart should have money management. Use the cash flow formula

in playing baccarat You should have good money management. There may be a formula for walking money. Help us to be more in the game. What to do when wasting time What time should I do? You will need to study these formulas

But just those money management formulas are not enough. You should also have a limit set. How much budget will you play per day, how much will you get and will stop playing? How much will it cost to quit playing? For example, you have 300 baht, stab at 10 per eye, get 30 eyes if you

  • Play to the 10th turn, you have profit of 200 baht. Total money is 500 baht. You may stop playing at all. Use the profit. One reason is because if you are really going to play 30 times and you keep playing until 30 times. Money. that you have profited in the beginning It may have disappeared. Because in the long run, the dealer will win.
  • If you have played 10 turns as usual, you have profit of 200 baht, but you still don’t want to stop playing. You may divide the profit into 2 parts: 100 and 100 baht, where the first 100 is collected and the other 100 is used to continue betting.
  • If playing 30 eyes, still not profitable. So I quit that day, going to the movies, drinking coffee, sleeping and doing other things. Before you come and play again that day if you really want. or wait for the next day to play again