Carra suggests it may be time for ‘Jones’ to break out.

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Celebrity guru Jamie Carragher believes that now It might be time for Liverpool’s young midfielder Curtis Jones. The 22-year-old midfielder

scored two goals during a 3-0 win over Leicester City on Monday night. Ready to keep hopes of squeezing into the top four,

Jones has started nine of his last Premier League games. And seemingly cementing his place in Jurgen Klopp’s starting line-up at any moment ahead of the season, Carragher said: “He’s a

confident player. i think now We’ve almost seen moments that really break through.

There have been times in the last few years when he found himself in the team above other big players. It was going pretty well ′

′ Last year for him it didn’t happen. And we have had many moments like that this season that for him it just didn’t happen. The UFABET report

“I think in his last six or seven games you’d think, ‘OK, maybe more than just the players in the squad. A player who could really push into the starting line-up.

Oxlade-Chamberlain is leaving, Keita is leaving, James Milner is leaving. He will play a big role going forward

.” Jones has struggled with injury and form since his debut in 2019, and has so far made 95 appearances, scoring 11 goals.