Haaland “Pep” is a football fanatic – pointing to a complicated team system

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Manchester City striker Erling Haaland has revealed that boss Pep Guardiola is a football fanatic. And commented that the system of play of this consultant is complex.

The Norwegian footballer was right. “The Blues” was drawn to the army for a fee of only 51 million pounds, which is considered very cheap compared to his degree.

Moreover, Haaland has had an excellent start in the Premier League, scoring 10 goals and providing one assist after just six games

. football fanatics And commented that the system of play of this consultant is quite complicated.

“I think he’s a football fanatic just like me,” he told The UFABET.

“We both love football and yes. He’s an ex-player who is now a manager and yes, he’s crazy about football. which is what i like Because he misses everything about football. and how to improve I like that corner of him.”

“Everything went smoothly. You can see from the number of goals and the way we play. It’s a very complex system. I came into the team and tried to understand it as quickly as possible. Because we don’t have a lot of time.”

“I can’t waste my time doing anything else. So I try to get along with the team as quickly as possible. It’s a nice and complex system. But it’s great.”