How to bet on Sic Bo and each betting condition

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Online Sic Bo games also have a wide variety of betting options. In one round you can place multiple bets. Let’s take a closer look at the options for betting on Sic Bo online games. And how interesting would it be?

1. Over-Under bets

Online Sic Bo bets with low and high bets are It is considered the most basic betting option. It is a simple play that is not difficult to understand. The low pattern means that the total points of all three dice will be 4-10, while the high points of the three dice will be 11-17. was born All points count has no effect. or as an immediate void and the dealer will win. Regardless of the total number of points But the advantage of betting like this is the high chances of winning. The payout rate is 1 : 1 times.

How to play dice to get money
High-Low Betting

2. Favorite Betting

In the part of online Sic Bo bets with favorite numbers It is considered another interesting option. because the chance of winning is high In the Sic Bo game, there will be 3 balls, but each ball has numbers from 1-6. You can choose to bet on anything. Just let the toss come out according to your chosen number. The payout rate is 1: 1 times, if 2 – 3 balls are correctly predicted, the customer will receive 2 times and 3 times prizes respectively.

For example, you bet on the number 4 and in that turn 4-4-2, you will also receive a payout of 2 times because there are 2 numbers of 4 out of it.

Favorite Betting

3. Tod Betting

For the part of betting on Sic Bo online, Tot. I can believe that it is something that many people like to play. In which Tod bets are chosen to bet on 2 numbers, such as bet 4 and 5, bet 3 and 2, etc., here there will be a payout rate of 1 : 1 times.

How to play dice to get money
Tod Betting

4. Total Points Betting

Sic Bo betting online with total points It means to predict the total score of all three dice in that cup. How many points will come out? It is considered a fairly difficult bet. Because the total points of the dice must match the one you bet only to get money. Which the total point betting will have from 4 to 17 ever, which the payout rate will be different, unequal as follows

total pointspay rate
4 and 1750 times
5 and 1620 times
6 and 1515 times
7 and 1412 times
8 and 138 times
9 , 10 , 11 and 126 times
How to play dice to get money
Total Points Betting

5. Double Dice Betting

It is an interesting option. For those who want to win a double online dice, they can come and play at this one as well. In which the even ball means the Sic Bo in the cup, if 2 of the same numbers are drawn, for example 2-2-4, we bet on the 2nd pair, we win immediately. The payout rate is 1: 8 times.

Double Dice Betting

6. Triple Betting

In terms of online Sic Bo bets, Tong is probably the most difficult. Because they must be encouraged to make all three dice come out with the same number. Of course, this is the bet with the highest payout ratio. But the chances of that happening are very slim. Compared to other games, it’s like a jackpot. Few people choose to bet like this.

There are two types of triple bets. It is a non-numbered form and a number specific one. In which the specific number is not specific, it pays 24 times, and the specific number one game pays up to 150 times the bet.

How to play dice to get money

The procedure for placing bets on Sic Bo games online at UFABET website is as follows:

  1. Choose the money chip according to the amount you want to bet, minimum 50 baht.
  2. Choose to place bets in the betting fields as you like.

When the betting time has expired The website will roll the dice. When the dice are stationary, points are counted and bets are settled. is the end of the bet

Betting process

Currently playing Sic Bo online can be done easily. No more complicated steps. But be careful of fake websites. or scammers who may trick you into transferring money But these problems will go away immediately if you choose to bet with top quality online Sic Bo game providers. Comfortable to play at home