How to bet on Sic bo to get money for sure

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It would be good if there was a way to bet on Sic bo to get money, which playing Hi-Lo is a type of betting. Which today will introduce how to play dice, how to play. How to have the right to get money for sure. By betting on dice online You will not be able to hear the sound of the dice. Because Sic Bo online will use a shaker and shake. After the time has expired. which is not like playing at home dice It is still enough to hear the sound. Of the dice and can choose to go down. So playing online You need to have formulas and playing techniques to help in order to make more profits and earn money more easily. สมัคร UFABET

Sic Bo game that takes the guesswork Must have the following formats:

1. One favorite dice game Is to bet on Hi-Lo by placing points 1-6

2. Hi-Lo game, Toad is betting on Hi-Lo by playing 2 and 3 dice, but in order to bet, must bet 2 points at a time

3. High-Low Hi-Lo game is to bet the points of all 3 dice for the word low bet is The points. Of the three dice that have been count together. Can range from 3-10 points. And the word bet high is the points of the three dice that have been counted together to get 12-18 points.

4. 11 Hi-Lo Sic Bo games are Sic Bo bets. Where the points of all 3 betting dice will result in a total of 11 points, so it is called 11 Hi-Lo games,