‘Martial’, chop ‘Solskjaer’, send it down even though it hurts

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Anthony Martial, striker Interviewed that he felt bad that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was sent to play with injury. Plus, the former coach never informed the media about this. But also praised Louis van Gaal, another former boss at Manchester United.

Throughout the seven seasons Martial was with the “Red Devils”, he scored the most goals in the Solskjaer era by the C period. In the 2019-20 season, played 48 games, scored 23 goals

, however, the following season, Martial’s performance dropped significantly, played 36 games, scored 7 goals and until now still restores the same form.

The 26-year-old, speaking to UFABET , revealed the relationship between him and Solskjaer, saying:

“People don’t know about it. But I’ve been playing regularly with injuries for the last two seasons, I couldn’t sprint in the four months of the coronavirus season.

“But Solskjaer said he wanted me, so I gave in, and with my playing style, if I can’t sprint it’s difficult to perform.

” criticized – and Solskjaer never thought to tell the media, of course I ended up having a long injury. And when I recovered I didn’t play anymore.

“I felt terrible, I felt unfair, I was asked to make sacrifices for the team. And then behind my back is overlooked.”

“For me it’s like being betrayed, that’s what I hate, other things could be my fault. But it’s not a lie, of course.”

“In the first season I had a great relationship with Louis van Gaal.”

“I like to learn. And when a gentleman like Van Gaal sacrificed his time to sit and watch the video of me playing. And explain things to me, that was the best moment.”

“In one game I scored two goals. And he showed me the video. “

I told him I scored two goals, what’s your problem? He wanted to teach me how to run and move, he liked everything I was, and I said I got it.”

“With Mourinho, there’s no such thing.

” Cial is currently recovering from a hamstring injury. And has just played for Eric Ten Hag’s team in the Premier League to just one match.