Murphy: ‘Managing a player ego’ is the most difficult task for Potter

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Danny Murphy, a famous former footballer What was the hardest thing for Graham Potter in charge of Chelsea? Chelsea have

appointed the former Brighton manager as head coach on a five-year contract. And Murphy has revealed he is delight to see the English manager. Get important opportunities with a club of this level.

“My first reaction. When Chelsea sacked Thomas Tuchel was that they were too impatient. He’s a smart football manager. 

It’s probably best to make changes quickly.

“If the time between Bohly and the Los Angeles Dodgers is set Stability. Will be important to him. He’s had the same manager in America for seven years. And the long-term contract he gave Reece James indicates a long-term plan. The UFABET report

“So Graham Potter has a wonderful opportunity. And I’m delight that this work falls. Into the hands of the English coach. A visionary mentor who has worked abroad in the past.

“There is no English manager. Having won major trophies since Harry Redknapp. Did at Portsmouth in 2008, that’s too long. Potter has coaching skills. and has the strength to end such statistics and brought the trophy to Stamford Bridge

. I think the knowledge of the reinforcements he has shown with Brighton. which would be very easy He has the humility and calmness that will bring stability to Chelsea.

“The hard part is dealing with the stars’ egos. to knock on the door and ask for an explanation as to why it was not on the team

“This will be the biggest challenge. And it was something he had to learn quickly. I know from playing for Liverpool. Compare to Charlton and Fulham that the status of the players can be very different Managers need to communicate And talk directly.

“Most Chelsea players are national team players. And there are many trophies in the work history. There must be something more to do. in explaining the situation to them. Compare to players who are not happy with Ostersunds, Swansea or Brighton.”