Revealed clip of ‘Cadiz’ running to deliver equipment Helping fans

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Video footage emerged of Cadiz goalkeeper Conan Ledesma running across the pitch to deliver medical supply to supporters in the stands who had fainted

during the Cadiz vs Barcelona match. In the 83rd minute. When one of the fans in the home bleachers went unconscious. And the referee immediately stopped the match

After that, the field medics rushed to take care of the fans and Ledesma help. By running as hard as possible. To carry medical equipment into the stands

In addition, Ledesma’s teammate, José Mari, in this game. He is a backup. also volunteered to help the medical team carry a stretcher into the stands to take the fans to the hospital.

The match was stopped for close to 20 minutes as the stadium fell silent after the incident. Players from both sides were seen praying on the pitch as staff and coaches from the bench watched on concerned.

While Barcelona players like Ronald Araujo sent encouragement to help by kneeling in prayer. The UFABET report

The situation was even more difficult. When one cameraman also lost consciousness. Causing the match to stop for about 30 minutes, with players from both teams having to return to the dressing room Before returning to warm up and starting the

game after the game, Cadiz president Manuel Viccino confirmed that both men had been taken to hospital. and now his body is back to normal