The controversial ‘Martial-Mourinho’ starting from the number 9

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Manchester United striker Anthony Martial has slammed former boss Jose Mourinho with disrespect. After giving the shirt number 9 to Zlatan Ibrahimovic, despite his reluctance

The France international made 106 appearances, 28 goals, 18 assists under Jose Mourinho at United before being sacked in 2018

, however their relationship has deteriorated. Since their start to work in 2016, it’s the story when Martial was forced to hand the number 9 shirt to newly arrived Zlatan.

Before the rift would build up more and more over the course of three years as Mourinho often criticized Martial in the media.

the whole story It was revealed from Martial’s mouth via France Football that

“it started with the shirt number,” Martial recalls.

“Over the weekend, he (Mourinho) texted me asking if I would like to switch to number 11 and draw five rivers saying, How good is that number? It used to be the number that club legend Ryan Giggs used to use.

I respect the great legend Giggs. But I want to keep using the number 9.

“When I go back to the club I saw my name on the number 11 shirt, it didn’t end well and He has no respect for me.

“He talks about me through the media. with a little phrase Just like he did with Karim Benzema during his time in charge of Real Madrid

. He knows I’m 20 years old if I say anything. it will become I was a child with no respect.”

“So I didn’t say anything. It’s useless.”

“Then in the following seasons Even though I did my best in the team after the first season, he brought in Alexis Sanchez and it didn’t make me play much. The UFABET report

“It’s the World Cup season. It’s the price I have to pay. Especially with France winning the World Cup, I really should have been one of them.”